It's important you know the rules of UQ Innovate before you can get access to the facilities.

Each workshop is open to any person with an active UQ account and ID card wishing to use the UQ Innovate. You must first conduct the mandatory area induction training online required for use of the space. It's then essential you read the UQ Innovate terms of use.

Follow the steps below:

1. UQ Innovate terms of use

The University of Queensland (UQ) operates a Makerspace workshop (Space) for UQ students, staff and visitors, which contains certain equipment and machinery (Equipment).

It is a condition of your entry into and use of the space and equipment that you agree to these terms.

  1. You may only enter the Space and operate the Equipment if you have completed and kept up to date with all induction, courses, safety and other requirements of UQ, and if you agree to and continue to comply with these terms. You must also comply with all policies and guidelines of UQ that apply to your entry into the Space and operation of the Equipment.   
  2. You acknowledge that the Space contains Equipment that carries risks.  Some Equipment is inherently hazardous, or may be operated in a dangerous manner, and may cause harm or injury, including severe and permanent injury, or even death. You enter the Space and use the Equipment at your own risk.
  3. You acknowledge that some Equipment requires specific training, and that you may not use that equipment until you have completed any training required by UQ.  You must agree to undertake further training if UQ asks you to do so.
  4. You may only use the Equipment in a safe manner and according to any specific directions of UQ. You may not tamper or modify any equipment, and may not remove any machine guards or safety equipment.    
  5. You must follow all directions given by UQ. You must read and follow all signs and safety information relating to the Space and Equipment. 
  6. You must wear closed footwear at all times in the Space, and must at all times use all safety and protective gear required by UQ for entry into the Space and for each item of equipment (e.g. gloves, goggles, hearing protection). You must not wear loose clothing, long hair or jewellery, or items which may create hazards.  UQ may require you to leave the Space if you do not follow UQ’s directions about any aspect of safety. 
  7. You must not use equipment improperly, or abuse or wilfully damage it or the Space in any way.
  8. If UQ asks you to cease using any equipment, you must do so immediately. 
  9. You must be considerate of other users of the Space. You acknowledge that the Space may be full, and that specific items of Equipment may be being used by others. You have no right of access to the Space or to any Equipment at any particular time. You must fit in with others. 
  10. You must keep the Space orderly and neat, and must clean and tidy any Equipment or part of the Space after use. 
  11. You may not act in a way that UQ considers objectionable, abusive, noisy or disruptive. You may not use the Space for an illegal, unsafe or objectionable purpose, or create any items which are illegal, objectionable or dangerous.
  12. You must not be under the influence of any substances at any time in the Space or while operating Equipment which may adversely affect you, including alcohol, medication or any illegal substances. You must not bring any illegal substances or items into the Space. 
  13. You must secure your own belongings. UQ is not liable for any loss, theft or damage to your belongings, or for any items that you might bring to or create in the Space. You are responsible for labelling, identifying and storing safely anything you are working on or anything you bring into the Space. You consent to UQ removing or throwing out any items that are not labelled adequately, or which UQ reasonably considers to have been abandoned. You must remove items promptly if UQ asks you to. 
  14. To the maximum extent permitted by law, UQ excludes or limits all liability, including for negligence and loss or damage to your person or property, and you release UQ, and its staff and contractors, from claims caused by your breach of these terms or any improper use of the Space or the Equipment.  
  15. If you are using the Space in your capacity as UQ staff, student or visitors within the meaning of the relevant UQ intellectual property policy, you acknowledge that any intellectual property rights you might create are dealt with under the term of that policy. If you are not covered by the terms of any such policy, you own any intellectual property rights in anything you might create. You must not use the Space or the Equipment in any way that infringes the rights of any other person, including any intellectual property rights.
  16. You may not use the Space to produce any items for commercial sale, although you may use it to create prototypes.
  17. You acknowledge that any activities or creations you might undertake in the Space do not necessarily represent the views of UQ.    
  18. You consent to UQ taking and owning photographs or videos of anything you might create, and using, copying, publishing or broadcasting those photographs or videos in any way UQ chooses.
  19. UQ may require you to leave the Space or withdraw your entry into the Space at any time for any reason, including if you breach these terms, and if so you must comply promptly. 

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