Are you new to UQ Innovate? Do you have a project you're not sure how to get started on?

Have a read through our frequently asked questions and you might find the answer. If you're after more detailed, one-on-one advice, contact us.

How do I access to UQ Innovate's workshops?

To gain access to any of UQ Innovate's workshops you must first undertake the online area induction training. This training will provide you with the necessary guidance, advice and safety to enter and use the space safely.

Note: Completed area induction training may take up to 24 hours to display on your student/ staff account.


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What are the safety rules in UQ Innovate?

We take your safety very seriously. The steps below are stipulated in the UQ Innovate terms of use, and we have highlighted each one to ensure you are aware of your responsibilities.

10 ways to stay safe in UQ Innovate.

  1. You acknowledge that the Space contains Equipment that carries risks.  Some Equipment is inherently hazardous, or may be operated in a dangerous manner, and may cause harm or injury, including severe and permanent injury, or even death. You enter the Space and use the Equipment at your own risk.
  2. You acknowledge that some Equipment requires specific training, and that you may not use that equipment until you have completed any training required by UQ.  
  3. You may only use the Equipment in a safe manner and according to any specific directions of UQ. You may not tamper or modify any equipment, and may not remove any machine guards or safety equipment.    
  4. You must follow all directions given by UQ. You must read and follow all signs and safety information relating to the Space and Equipment. 
  5. You must wear closed footwear at all times in the Space, and must at all times use all safety and protective gear required by UQ for entry into the Space and for each item of equipment (e.g. gloves, goggles, hearing protection).
  6. You must not wear loose clothing, long hair or jewellery, or items which may create hazards. 
  7. UQ may require you to leave the space if you do not follow UQ’s directions about any aspect of safety. 
  8. If UQ asks you to cease using any equipment, you must do so immediately. 
  9. You may not use the Space for an illegal, unsafe or objectionable purpose, or create any items which are illegal, objectionable or dangerous.
  10. You must not be under the influence of any substances at any time in the Space or while operating Equipment which may adversely affect you,
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What are the open hours of the workshops?

UQ Innovate has four workshops that operate at different hours, open hours listed below:

UQ Innovate

  • Workshop operating hours
    8:30am–3:30pm, Monday to Friday
    Workshop Supervisor
    Robert Holler

The Instrumentation Workshop

  • Workshop operating hours
    8am–4pm, Monday to Friday
    Workshop Supervisor
    Malcolm Marker

Flexible space

  • Flexible space operating hours
    7am–8pm, Monday to Friday
    Workshop Supervisor
    Robert Holler

Advanced Prototyping Workshop

  • Workshop operating hours
    7am–3pm, Monday to Friday
    Workshop Supervisor
    Jason Herriot

Find out more about our workshops.

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I've never used the equipment in UQ Innovate, where do I get training?

A lot of equipment in UQ Innovate requires specialised training, you'll need to conduct this training before you're granted access to use the machine.

First, browse through the equipment and tools, and when you've found what you need–check to see if it requires training. Follow the link to the online training modules.

Note: If you've just completed a training module, please allow up to 48 hours for this to process in our systems. Reports of training completions from Blackboard are available to EAIT each morning around 8am. 

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How can I book in to use the equipment?

All equipment requires a booking. You can book equipment via the booking calendar or you can browse equipment and tools and book via the individual equipment.

In the booking calendar, some equipment may not stipulate if they are available, if that's the case, contact us.

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I want to use the 3D printers, what do I do?

Our 3D printers are operated by UQ Innovate staff only. They've had in-depth training to operate the software and machinery safely.

To book a 3D printer for your project, you must submit a job request.

Visit Book a 3D printer to browse the 3D printing equipment.

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Do I need to buy materials?

You may be supplied with a generous amount of material to conduct your project however you will need to purchase additional materials if your usage exceeds this amount.

Visit Buying materials to learn what materials you can buy for your project.

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I need help, who can I talk to?

Our workshops and equipment can be daunting for first-time users so we are here to help. If you need advice, guidance or just want to talk to someone with an engineering or design background, contact us.

UQ Innovate is not only home to millions of dollar's worth of state-of-the-art equipment but it's home to experts who run it all. We have technicians, engineers, designers, makers and crafters ready and available to help you see your project to reality!

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I need professional manufacturing, where do I go?

The Advanced Prototyping Workshop (APW) provides metalworking, machining and fabrication services performed by experienced staff.

The first step to getting a job started with the APW is to submit a job request. This will send an email to the APW team and start the process.

Before submitting a job request, it's important you read the rules on supporting documentation so you know exactly what's required to get your project started.

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